Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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Subject: Everyone and your mother

Dear peeps,

So last week, i was deathly ill, and i threw up all over the library
bathroom, i didnt feel like emailing, so i am sorry you missed out. i am
feeling a lot better now! this last week was awesome, we have 3 people
getting baptized this wednesday-- the Turner family, they are 3 black
women, and they are the funniest people i have met in my life. They are
the "Halleluia!" kind of people, and they are just full of Joy. they
LOVE Joseph Smith. everytime they see a picture of him, they pet the
picture and say how cute he is. haha.

So last night was my first Restoration Fireside! it was in Syracuse. so
the Assistants to the president came and picked me up from albany after
church, and we drove straight to Albany, and got there just in time to
do the fireside. i had served in Syracuse so i got to see a bunch of
friends, and rejoice with other missionary friends. There were some 80
people there, and it was awesome. I played 5 songs of the restoration,
and the mission president spoke. we have 5 more weeks scheduled all over
NY, so it will be really fun. we got back to Albany at midnight last
night, and this weekend i will be staying with them in Utica, to drive
up to Potsdam. I am grateful that i get to use music on my mission... i
just love it.. somteims i feel like i can express things better on the
piano, than in my own words. This is the last week of the transfer, so i
could be leaving Albany, but i think i will be here for a while, my
companion elder grover has been here for 10 1/2 months... so he's most
likely leaving.

I am loving my mission, it's foreign to me to think about anything other
than this.. i will probably just be a full-time missionary for the rest
of my life.

i love you guys!

elder warr

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

more fun from kyle's camera

What a big helper!

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Good morning everyone, it's a beautiful Day.

My week was good, ill tell you about it. but first i want to tell you that i got news that my friend robert hunt that i grew up
with. he got his mission call to the BOISE mission, haha! it's awesome because his older brother served in the Pocatello
mission, and when i get off my mission ill be in boise... anyways. he reports april 15th.

So there's a woman who's a less active named Patty Mckormick, she joined the church about 15 years ago and she LOVED it.
she was an awesome member. then a few years later she became Skitzophrenic (spelling?)
So she basically became crazy. Patty is someone that we talk to just about every day. She calls us really early in the morning
to tell us that she doesnt want to be mormon anymore, but then about 3 hours later calls us back and says nevermind, and
that she loves the mormon church. sometimes she'll call us and tell us that we're decieved, sometimes she will tell us that
she is moving out of the country, but sure enough she calls us the next day and says nevermind. We usually reply with "well
that's great patty, im glad you still want to be mormon" but there's not much we can do because she changes her mind every
5 minutes. I thought i needed to tell you about patty because she's just such a big part of my mission. Albany wouldnt be the
same without patty mckormick.

It snowed a lot the last couple of days, but today is sunny. We are teaching a guy from africa that lives right above us, he
wants to be baptized, his name is Juarez, he speaks french, his english is getting better. welp, im almost out of time. i love
you guys!

Reminder: packages are accepted at all times in the New york Utica Mission. :)

Love Elder Warr

P.S. Elder Grover sprained his ankle on weds... so i was helping him out a lot too, i gave him a musical tie, and whenever he
needed anything he just pushed the button, so when i heard the music, i came running and i took care of it. im a great
companion. i made him a tuna fish sandwich too.

Monday, January 5, 2009


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Subject: Happy New Year!

It is now 2009! Do you know what that means?

That means that 2009 will be the only full year of my life that i will
be out of the world. wow....

New Years was fun! we stayed out until 9pm and then went to sleep at
1030pm. we set the alarm for midnight, and at midnight we woke up and
said "happy new year!" and then went back to sleep. haha! it was great.

So i was thinking about the first 5 months of my mission, and it has
been great, i have gained so much knowledge that i am grateful for.
Scriptural knowledge, social knowledge, physical knowledge, mental
knowledge, spiritual knowledge... just a bunch of knowledge that i
wouldnt trade for the world. while we're on the topic of KNOWledge...
did you KNOW.. that in the early 1900's some scientists did a study on
vegetables and how they are healthy for you... and when they did
spinach.. they accidentally recorded it wrong.. so they thought that
spinach was extraordinarily good for you... that's why the cartoon
Popeye always eats spinach! ... you learn something new everyday.

we really had a great week, one of our investigators took us out to
dinner and he spent like 200 dollars on us, and then he was trying to
pick up on the waitress the whole time. it was hilarious.

i love you guys, and i'm workin hard out here.

love, elder warr