Monday, December 15, 2008

Kyle now uses the word, "Glorious".

Dear Everyone-

Tis the season to all :)

It has been a glorious and freezing time here in albany!

the last couple days there were some ice storms, and trees were breaking left and right landing on homes and power lines etc... about a 5th of albany was out of power, but i think they are getting it under control, we were lucky and still have warmth.

So last week, i was asked to play a musical number at a christmas party, it went well, i played O holy night, and it was fun. it turns out that there is a world renowned violinist Ben Chan that lives in our stake. he was there, and he had his violin, so we put a song together and played! it was awesome, he's amazing. the people loved it, and it was a great experience.

It actually feels like christmas here... i thought it would be weird being away from home for christmas, but then i realized that there are a bunch of other guys my age who are away from home, and they are my family.

The event of the week.... elder grover and i were walking back to our apartment on lark street, and we discovered a man in a speedo and a santa hat running down the street.haha! it was 15 degrees outside, and then we come to find 100 more men running in speedo's. haha. apparently there was a santa speedo fundraiser. it was hilarious.

welp, im about out of time. i love you guys


p.s. pictures--

I have gained some weight...
we made german pancakes.. they were Deelish.

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