Monday, December 1, 2008

Just turn and walk away.

Sent December 1st, 2008:

It is now December of 2008

Elder Grover and I had a very eventful week.

We had thanksgiving at the Branch building with a bunch of single adults and older members of the ward, and that was great. Sadly, we didnt get to play in the turkey bowl because we couldnt leave our apartment until 10... but it's ok because after the thanksgiving dinner, we all went into the basement of the branch building, and there was a pingpong table and some other stuff, so we played ping pong. I was undefeated. I went 8-0... yes i was very proud. after i beat just about everyone in the room, i had everyone call me KING PING... haha! good times. Thanksgiving was great, and i was very thinkful for a lot of things. i was mainly thankful for my family... and the opportunity to serve a mission. When i study the plan of salvation, it makes me realize how important family is in this life.

The day after thanksgiving we had a very unusual experience... there are some weird things in Albany, but this one was especially weird. We decided to go to a less-active members house to check up on him-- Brother Ramos. Brother Ramos has a girlfriend named Taresa, but apparently Taresa is a man...with feminine qualities.. We went to knock on the door, and we heard obnoxious laughing and what sounded like "men" trying to sound like women. They answered the door, and we saw two of them... Taresa, and another boy/girl friend. Brother Ramos was no where in sight. I have a hard time calling her Taresa... i would rather say Terrance... or Terry. They were both obviously drunk, and immodestly dressed. We asked where brother ramos was, and he was passed out in the back room. they dragged him out, and he looked up and mumbled for us to say a prayer for him. so we prayed. and then we just wanted to get out of there, my emotions were so mixed up... i really didnt know what was going on. They wanted to shake our hands, and i had gloves on. Taresa asked me to take my glove off so she could feel my skin, and we just turned around and left. We didnt know if we should laugh or be upset... so it was just akward.

anyways.... it was pretty disgusting. but other than that... we found a new family we're teaching this week, and they are awesome!

I love you guys, thanks for everything :)

love, elder warr

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