Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas letter

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Subject: Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Dear Everyone-

It is Christmas. Let me tell you what life is like as a missionary
during christmas time in the winter.

We are outside all day everyday from 10am to 9pm... if we dont have
appointments.. we talk to people or Tract. last night we helped 8 people
get thier cars un-stuck from the snow... that was awesome, i wish we
could do that all day. it's fun when we can give any kind of service.
everyone laughs when i say im from California and they ask me why i
would come to New York in the winter.

We had a half mission conference in Utica last week, it was awesome!
they had me play "O Holy Night" for the musical number, it was really
fun.. there were 60 missionaries there. They have asked me to play the
musical number at all of my zone conferences so far on my mission...
it's fun!

We got transfer calls saturday night, and i will be staying in Albany
with Elder Grover. we have a lot of fun together so we're excited.

Christmas will be awesome! Christmas eve we arent supposed to proselyte,
so we are going to a young couples house from utah, and we're going to
play "settlers of zarahemla". Then christmas morning We are going to the
zone leaders house to have christmas with them, and we will open
presents etc...then we are going to play basketball for 2 hours and then
we get to call home! I am excited to talk to my peeps. I want to say
thank you to all of my people that sent me packages! they are awesome,
and i cant wait to open the presents and stuff. Well i love you guys.

Elder Warr

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