Monday, November 3, 2008

yeah, right.

From: Kyle Warr
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 10:01 AM
Subject: Everyone, E.Warr update and pictures


Did everyone have a happy halloween? great.

Halloween night, we had to go into our apartment at 6 because i guess
in the years past, people dont believe the missionaries because they
think it's just another halloween costume, and some missionaries were
getting egged etc... anyways, we decided to stop by this haunted house
at a neighbor's on the way into our apartment. These people went ALL OUT
on the haunted house. It was amazing. In the middle of us walking
through the haunted house, i was innocently walking, and the next thing
i know.. i'm on the ground! Someone had completely pushed me on the
ground. I couldnt find my companion, and i thought i saw him running
away. The next thing i know, some people are trying to take my backpack.
i was trying my hardest to get out. Finally i get out, and i see some
people messing with my companion... they were taking his backpack and
told him to give them money... i finally convinced him to just give it
to them. and we left. My shirt got ripped... my tie ruined, my pocked
ripped... it was horrible. We took off to the apartment. isn't that
crazy? i bet it would have been crazy, because i just made that story
up. anyways.

On Saturday, Hannah Bockus was baptized! She's the one in the picture. I
performed the baptism, her last name used to be Skinner, and now it's
bockus, so in the middle of the prayer i said BOCKER. i had no clue i
said it like that, so when they told me i said bocker i just couldnt
stop laughing. but anyways, it was a beautiful baptism, and i have
become really good friends with hannah. Her family was there, and some
of her siblings went, and they said they felt the spirit.

Everything is going awesome here in NY, and i miss everyone.

I love you guys, hope you like the pics

-E. Warr

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