Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The sneaky missionary

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BIG NEWS--I have been in North Syracuse for 3 months now, but that's
about to change --They are sending me to downtown Albany! i will be in
the heart of the capitol of NY, i am really excited. I will be with
Elder Grover from Idaho Falls. Everyone says albany is awesome, so that
will be cool.

I will miss North Syracuse but i am excited for my mission to change a
little bit. From what i hear, whenever you go to a new area, it's like
you go to a whole new mission. I hear in albany we'll talk to 600 people
a week, and teach a bunch of people all of the time.

Cool Experience-
There's a family here in North Syr.. the Van Wies... They are an
awesome family. Jake Van Wie is 19 and he's getting ready to go on a
mission, he has turned his life around in the last year, and was
involved in drugs and anything you can imagine. i have become good
friends with Jake. His mom is really nice and a great lady. Jakes dad
used to be the ward mission leader and a great man until about 5 years
ago when he fell off of their roof. he hurt his back and is now addicted
to pain killers. he lost most of his teeth but recently got a new set of
teeth. for 5 years he has avoided everyone in the ward and runs upstairs
whenever anyone comes over. For 12 weeks i have felt strongly like i can
help him... it was frustrating because i would try and try to hurry
inside before he ran upstairs... but it just didnt work out. Last night
we spontaneously went over there and he was outside doing yard work. I
told my companion to follow me, we called jake and snuck in the back
door so we would be in the house when his dad came in. his dad came in
and was very surprised. I stood up and shook his hand. and next thing
you know we're in the living room laughing and talking. He has a
powerful testimony, and i was in tears when he started talking about his
conversion story. I was so happy i cant even explain it.... Jake and his
mom were crying and they thanked us so much for coming around that day.
Now im leaving North Syracuse so i wont see what happens. I felt like
that was one of the main reasons i was brought to this area. i love the
Van Wies, and i am so grateful because that is what missionary work is
all about.

i love you guys!!

love, Elder Warr

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