Monday, November 17, 2008

Livin the vida loca!

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My Dearest friends and family.

This week was one of the coolest/craziest/amazingest weeks of my life.

I'm in Albany New York... We live off of Washington and Lark... we are
directly in the heart of Downtown Albany. Our apartment is this little
tiny townhouse above a bar, and throughout the night we hear sirens, and
drunk people cussing eachother out... sometimes i just break out
laughing because we can hear every little detail of the arguments, and i
cant help but laugh. we dont take our trash out.. we just throw it out
the window in bags...We talk to literally everyone that we see. this
week we talked to 600 people, and that's amazing compared to the 100 a
week in North Syracuse

My first day in Albany, we were talking to people on the way to an
appointment, and we came up to this black guy who looked really mad.
take note that he was carrying a hammer. we asked him how he was doing,
and he said "not too @&#^$*& good." and he continued to walk on. the
funny part of the story is that we will never know the tail end of that
story or what happened.

My companion is Elder Grover, he's awesome! It turns out that his mom
was Emily's teacher at BYU-Idaho so it was cool to find that link. He is
seriously amazing.... i think Elder Grover will be a General Authority
someday. he's a really powerful teacher, and he works really hard.

There's so much history here, the buildings are all from the early
1800's and it's beautiful!

i am about out of time so i have to go, but i love you all, and ill
write more next week.

love, elder Warr

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