Tuesday, November 25, 2008

he's freezing in AL-bany

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It is FREEZING cold here in albany. and it's not (AL-bany) ... it's (ALL-bany). some people made fun of me for saying ALbany, and i fixed that little error.

The cold here is a different kind of cold, it's not an Idaho cold... this kind of cold is the cold that slowly freezes you down to your bones. about every 15 minutes we have to go into a store or somewhere to thaw out. and take note that we're outside among the children of men for about 11 hours a day. it's freezing. Besides the freezing... it's going well.

My companion elder grover has been out for 8 months, and we get along very well. we have so much fun. one thing about albany is theres so much poverty here, it's actually a dirty city. of course it's nice down by the capitol... but living conditions are crazy here. no one has teeth... that's how we tell if someone is accountable or not.. if they have teeth.

Our mission president gave elder grover and i permission to play a musical number at our branch christmas party. Just so you know.. Elder Grover plays the Saxaphone, and he is amazing! he's majoring in music performance at BYU-I and he got a saxaphone the other day and played for me. We are so excited to do a number, and we're going to record a video of it to send out to our fams. I have been able to use music here and there on the mission, and the mission president told me next month we will be starting a tour around the mission for my restoration fireside!

i got to go.. but i love everyone. :)

love, elder warr

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