Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally, a word from Kyo

From: Kyle Warr
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 9:57 AM
Subject: Hello world

hey everyone- it's elder warr- Tis the season!

It's getting cold here in NY. but it's ok, im staying warm.

As missionaries, we're grateful for everything, and with thanksgiving
coming up... we are especially grateful for everything.. but we're not
grateful for people who go around slashing bike tires. yes, someone
slashed our bike tires. it was horrible. My comp was pretty angry, but i
took Elder Wirthlin's advice, and just started laughing. before we knew
it, we were both laughing. now it's just a memory.

So recently, i decided that missionary life is exactly like the movie
ground hog day. every single day we wake up at 630, run around the
apartment for 30 minutes, and then get ready and study for 2 hours.
everytime we leave the apartment, we see the same exact people, and
pretty much say the same exact things to them every morning. but we do
our best to mix life up a little bit. so lately, whenever we get a
phonecall at the apartment, if my companion answers, whatever room he is
in, i start vaccuuming right by him. he gets frustrated, and then i get
frustrated because he shouldnt be on the phone in the room that i just
so happen to be vaccuuuming in.

We have a baptism coming up on saturday! her name is Hannah Skinner, and
she's seroiusly awesome. She's 21, and has the cutest little 9 month old
girl named Hope. she asked if i would do a musical number at the baptism
on the piano. i called another missionary in Auburn who has an amazing
voice, and we're going to do "Come Thou Fount" at her baptism. im
excited. I've gotten close to Hannah, and she's the best.. and Hope
loves me... but it's sad because we're not allowed to hold babies.

We're working hard, and bringing more souls to the gospel.

i love you all!

E Warr

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Karie said...

Thank you for doing this Emily!