Monday, September 15, 2008


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People around the world,

It is as humid as ever here in New York. My skin is getting nice treatment because i am in a constant sauna...

But the work is going forth!

On Saturday, Art Monty was baptized, and i had the priveledge of doing it. it was such an awesome experience to be able to
use the priesthood in that way. When we walked down into the water, he told me "Don't drown me." It was incredible to see
this 81 year old man's desire to follow Christ. I played a version of "When i am baptized" at the baptism, and it was really
spiritual because i had flashbacks of my baptism when Emily and Mason sang that same song. It has a tender spot in my

As missionaries, when we are called to serve, we are called to love God. it's amazing how much he will help us when we just
reach out to him.

Last night was a trip...
It was really windy, and i was exhausted beacuse the humidity just takes all your energy. So we went to sleep, and i woke up
a couple times because a tree was hitting our window... and then around 1:30 i woke up to my companion's voice saying
"Elder........Elder..... i cant sleep." so then all of a sudden the light flicks on, and he says, "lets study" He threw Preach My
Gospel at me, and he started reading.

i thought he was joking, and said "um.... seriously?" i couldnt believe what was going on so he told me to read, and we were
reading about how we can gain strength through faith. whenever it was my turn to read, i would throw in sentences like
"Faith in Christ can strengthen us when were trying to fall asleep" and " we will be blessed in allowing our companions to get
a full night's rest" he told me that we are supposed to wake eachother up if we are awake in the middle of the night, and i
just said... why don't you just go back to sleep? so after about an hour, he said that he was tired again.. so we went to bed....

i am still figuring it out but, i love him!

i love you guys, stay faithful :)

love, elder warr

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