Monday, September 8, 2008

Old man and the basement.

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So over here in New York, the trees are beginning to turn yellowy... and the weather is amazing. yesterday there was a type
of fog, but it was more of a mist, and it was the weirdest thing i have ever seen in my life, i didnt know if it was sprinkling..
or fogging?

anyways, the work is going great!

This coming saturday, ill be performing my first baptism!

Art monty, the 81 year old man is being b-tized. he asked me to play a musical number on the piano at the baptism... so
that will be a great experience, considering that ill be playing the piano, and baptizing him. the Lord has blessed me with
these opportunities, and im grateful. A member asked him if he had a big day coming up, and he looked and me and said
"yeah, he's gonna drown me!" it was hilarious, we all joined in with some glorious laughter.

Lately i have been enthralled by pictures of the savior, and i like to ponder and imagine if i were to see him. As i have worked
on developing christlike attributes, i have come to know him in a more literal way. I know what he wants me to do, and im
exactly where he wants me to be.

Also, just so everyone knows.... hand written letters are openly accepted here in New York. the laws are the same. As
missionaries, hand written letters and pictures keep us going. i love the emails... but Hand letters are even better. :)

I love you all, and you're in my prayers


p.s. pray for Art Monty... he's an amazing man. we were in his house the other day, and we went into the basement to find
some family info, he told us he hadnt been down there in years. we saw a bunch of model ships, and he gave us one, so it's
now displayed on my desk where i study.


Emily said...

Does it sound like that baptism is going to be a one-man show, or what?

Mason said...

yeah kyle, share the wealth!