Monday, September 1, 2008

Liverpool Speedway

Sent: Mon Aug 25 15:33
Subject: Fwd: Elder Warr's report to everyone

Dear Friends, family, and all who read this,

I have completed my first week in the mission field!

We talk to everyone we see. So just with my luck i got the bike that doesnt have any brakes. Sometimes we ride full speed, and have to stop quicly to talk to someone, this is a process im still working on, sometimes i have to grab on to tree branches to slow me down, or hope that if i ride on some grass it will stop me, but it doesnt always work out, hopefully we can get the brakes fixed!

My companion lets me teach just as much as he does, so i get better every day. We run into a lot of italian roman catholics, and sometimes they arent very happy to see us. Yesterday we knocked on an old man's door, and he started yelling and told us he was going to karate chop us if we didnt get away. Our mission president pointed out that we will recieve some of the same persecutions that Joseph smith did just because of being in this area.

In the mornings to be obedient we exercise for 30 minutes, and it's hilarious. My first day in the field, the first morning i was expecting to go outside and jog or something, and all of a sudden my companion started running in a 10 foot circle around the kitchen... i waited for a minute to see if we were going to get outside, but nope, pretty soon i joined him, and we ran in that circle for 25 minutes. we do this every morning. and we call it the Liverpool speedway.

The gospel is true, and im so glad that i get to be a part of this work. I have been able to use my music in some lessons and at church, im working on getting trained before i focus on my music. My mission president told me that he could use my music for some stuff after im trained.

I love the lord.

elder warr

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