Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Interior Decorator

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My dear family and friends-

So things in North Syracuse have been really wet, and at the same time, Red, and yellow, and orange.

The Fall hit really fast! but i love it. and in about 2 more weeks, you will be seeing some amazing pictures of upstate new

So, 2 days ago, my companion elder bench and i were knocking on a door in a apartment complex... so there were doors
behind and to the sides of us. we knocked on the door, and all of a sudden, the door behind us opened, and a woman said,
hello come in. We had a member Brother May with us, so we could go in. We went in, and it smelt like incense, and moldy
cardboard. anyways... she said her name was rose, and she told us she was 'Wicken'.... apparently these people are witches,
and they do chants and things. she said they believe in a mother goddess rather than heavenly father. so we told her a little
bit about the nature of God... and a couple minutes later she says "well im glad you guys finally showed up." and we were a
little confused, and she said "i knew y'all was comin... i had a vision. i had a vision of 3 men in white shirts comin' to my
door, and i let them in." we set up a return appointment, and when we were saying goodbye she told me that her and my
spirits had met before.

i smiled and we left.

We called back for her appointment, and she was sleeping... so we still have yet to go back. anyways... we found 6 new
investigators this week. and we were given an awesome couch. i re-arranged the apartment. it looks awesome!

I have finished my first transfer, and i am excited for the 2nd. im getting a new companion!

i love everyone.

elder warr

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