Monday, September 22, 2008

Enhanced Vocabulary

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Hola my peeps.

The trees are changing, and it's amazing.

As a missionary, we live some of the highest standards of obedience, morality, and discipline in this day and age. This
includes appearance, language, and manners.

I have now found that when im talking about my parents, i now say 'Father' rather than Dad, and 'Mother' rather than Mom. I
am changing everyday, and my vocabulary is enhancing itself as i deepen my education in the gospel, and quicken my
understanding of my knowledge of the Diety in heaven. I suppose my recent alteration of language will better my mental
ability to live these standards.

Last week, we talked to a Born Again Christian, and he started telling us that all we have to do is accept Christ and there's
nothing more that we have to do. i asked about the purpose of the commandmants, and he said they were "guidelines" and a
teacher. So i asked why heavenly father didnt just call them Guidelineamants. My companion started laughing, and we had to

As missionaries, our sense of humor changes, and we get excited about the smallest things like the orange scented
dishwashing soap we got... that was an event in our apartment.

i love you all, and the work is great. i learn more every day.


love, elder warr

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