Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Interior Decorator

Sent: Tue Sep 30 20:35
Subject: Fwd: People around the world

My dear family and friends-

So things in North Syracuse have been really wet, and at the same time, Red, and yellow, and orange.

The Fall hit really fast! but i love it. and in about 2 more weeks, you will be seeing some amazing pictures of upstate new

So, 2 days ago, my companion elder bench and i were knocking on a door in a apartment complex... so there were doors
behind and to the sides of us. we knocked on the door, and all of a sudden, the door behind us opened, and a woman said,
hello come in. We had a member Brother May with us, so we could go in. We went in, and it smelt like incense, and moldy
cardboard. anyways... she said her name was rose, and she told us she was 'Wicken'.... apparently these people are witches,
and they do chants and things. she said they believe in a mother goddess rather than heavenly father. so we told her a little
bit about the nature of God... and a couple minutes later she says "well im glad you guys finally showed up." and we were a
little confused, and she said "i knew y'all was comin... i had a vision. i had a vision of 3 men in white shirts comin' to my
door, and i let them in." we set up a return appointment, and when we were saying goodbye she told me that her and my
spirits had met before.

i smiled and we left.

We called back for her appointment, and she was sleeping... so we still have yet to go back. anyways... we found 6 new
investigators this week. and we were given an awesome couch. i re-arranged the apartment. it looks awesome!

I have finished my first transfer, and i am excited for the 2nd. im getting a new companion!

i love everyone.

elder warr

Monday, September 22, 2008

Enhanced Vocabulary

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Subject: Fwd: Everyone

Hola my peeps.

The trees are changing, and it's amazing.

As a missionary, we live some of the highest standards of obedience, morality, and discipline in this day and age. This
includes appearance, language, and manners.

I have now found that when im talking about my parents, i now say 'Father' rather than Dad, and 'Mother' rather than Mom. I
am changing everyday, and my vocabulary is enhancing itself as i deepen my education in the gospel, and quicken my
understanding of my knowledge of the Diety in heaven. I suppose my recent alteration of language will better my mental
ability to live these standards.

Last week, we talked to a Born Again Christian, and he started telling us that all we have to do is accept Christ and there's
nothing more that we have to do. i asked about the purpose of the commandmants, and he said they were "guidelines" and a
teacher. So i asked why heavenly father didnt just call them Guidelineamants. My companion started laughing, and we had to

As missionaries, our sense of humor changes, and we get excited about the smallest things like the orange scented
dishwashing soap we got... that was an event in our apartment.

i love you all, and the work is great. i learn more every day.


love, elder warr

Monday, September 15, 2008

latest photos

pictures from the missionary's camera.

Kyle wrote "New York is beautiful" on the back of the top one. (apparently he isn't hard to impress.)
He sent the bottom one and wrote, "I should be a photographer."


Sent: Mon Sep 15 15:39
Subject: Fwd: My Peeps

People around the world,

It is as humid as ever here in New York. My skin is getting nice treatment because i am in a constant sauna...

But the work is going forth!

On Saturday, Art Monty was baptized, and i had the priveledge of doing it. it was such an awesome experience to be able to
use the priesthood in that way. When we walked down into the water, he told me "Don't drown me." It was incredible to see
this 81 year old man's desire to follow Christ. I played a version of "When i am baptized" at the baptism, and it was really
spiritual because i had flashbacks of my baptism when Emily and Mason sang that same song. It has a tender spot in my

As missionaries, when we are called to serve, we are called to love God. it's amazing how much he will help us when we just
reach out to him.

Last night was a trip...
It was really windy, and i was exhausted beacuse the humidity just takes all your energy. So we went to sleep, and i woke up
a couple times because a tree was hitting our window... and then around 1:30 i woke up to my companion's voice saying
"Elder........Elder..... i cant sleep." so then all of a sudden the light flicks on, and he says, "lets study" He threw Preach My
Gospel at me, and he started reading.

i thought he was joking, and said "um.... seriously?" i couldnt believe what was going on so he told me to read, and we were
reading about how we can gain strength through faith. whenever it was my turn to read, i would throw in sentences like
"Faith in Christ can strengthen us when were trying to fall asleep" and " we will be blessed in allowing our companions to get
a full night's rest" he told me that we are supposed to wake eachother up if we are awake in the middle of the night, and i
just said... why don't you just go back to sleep? so after about an hour, he said that he was tired again.. so we went to bed....

i am still figuring it out but, i love him!

i love you guys, stay faithful :)

love, elder warr

Monday, September 8, 2008

Old man and the basement.

Sent: Mon Sep 8 15:39
Subject: Fwd: EVERYONE


So over here in New York, the trees are beginning to turn yellowy... and the weather is amazing. yesterday there was a type
of fog, but it was more of a mist, and it was the weirdest thing i have ever seen in my life, i didnt know if it was sprinkling..
or fogging?

anyways, the work is going great!

This coming saturday, ill be performing my first baptism!

Art monty, the 81 year old man is being b-tized. he asked me to play a musical number on the piano at the baptism... so
that will be a great experience, considering that ill be playing the piano, and baptizing him. the Lord has blessed me with
these opportunities, and im grateful. A member asked him if he had a big day coming up, and he looked and me and said
"yeah, he's gonna drown me!" it was hilarious, we all joined in with some glorious laughter.

Lately i have been enthralled by pictures of the savior, and i like to ponder and imagine if i were to see him. As i have worked
on developing christlike attributes, i have come to know him in a more literal way. I know what he wants me to do, and im
exactly where he wants me to be.

Also, just so everyone knows.... hand written letters are openly accepted here in New York. the laws are the same. As
missionaries, hand written letters and pictures keep us going. i love the emails... but Hand letters are even better. :)

I love you all, and you're in my prayers


p.s. pray for Art Monty... he's an amazing man. we were in his house the other day, and we went into the basement to find
some family info, he told us he hadnt been down there in years. we saw a bunch of model ships, and he gave us one, so it's
now displayed on my desk where i study.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Handy Man

Sent: Tue Sep 2 19:19
Subject: Fwd: EVERYONE

Dear all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people

I am still laboring away in North Syracuse New York! the work is awesome and we have been seeing a lot of miracles. We
have a man named Art Monty who is going to be baptized on the 13th of sept. pray for him. he's 81 and he's such a nice
man. we love him. he's hilarious, we asked him if he would be baptized, and he said "i guess, i dont care" it was funny.

We are also teaching a woman named Jamie Squadrito, she's been to jail 3 times, and she's really progressing. but, we just
found out that she's a stripper... so we have to take care of that first.

Just so you know, i fixed one of the brakes on my bike because i am such a handy man, i was really proud of myself. so dont
be concerned with my safety anymore.

The lord has really blessed my companion and i, and we work hard. My legs are loving riding 20-30 miles everyday on the

The next email i will attach some awesome pictures of new york, i just forgot the cord to my camera. but i love you all, and
you're in my prayers.

love, elder warr


Monday, September 1, 2008

Liverpool Speedway

Sent: Mon Aug 25 15:33
Subject: Fwd: Elder Warr's report to everyone

Dear Friends, family, and all who read this,

I have completed my first week in the mission field!

We talk to everyone we see. So just with my luck i got the bike that doesnt have any brakes. Sometimes we ride full speed, and have to stop quicly to talk to someone, this is a process im still working on, sometimes i have to grab on to tree branches to slow me down, or hope that if i ride on some grass it will stop me, but it doesnt always work out, hopefully we can get the brakes fixed!

My companion lets me teach just as much as he does, so i get better every day. We run into a lot of italian roman catholics, and sometimes they arent very happy to see us. Yesterday we knocked on an old man's door, and he started yelling and told us he was going to karate chop us if we didnt get away. Our mission president pointed out that we will recieve some of the same persecutions that Joseph smith did just because of being in this area.

In the mornings to be obedient we exercise for 30 minutes, and it's hilarious. My first day in the field, the first morning i was expecting to go outside and jog or something, and all of a sudden my companion started running in a 10 foot circle around the kitchen... i waited for a minute to see if we were going to get outside, but nope, pretty soon i joined him, and we ran in that circle for 25 minutes. we do this every morning. and we call it the Liverpool speedway.

The gospel is true, and im so glad that i get to be a part of this work. I have been able to use my music in some lessons and at church, im working on getting trained before i focus on my music. My mission president told me that he could use my music for some stuff after im trained.

I love the lord.

elder warr